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The Michigan Aviators is a student organization at the University of Michigan dedicated to bringing together pilots and aspiring pilots alike. While the group tends to include many aerospace engineering students, it is open to anyone on campus.
Our core activities include flight trips, where members fly to various destinations in the region, ground school seminars, where members give seminars on a wide range of subjects not solely related to flight training, demo flights, where members take people potentially interested in learning to fly up as passengers to show them what flying is like, and various social events.
Our members enjoy numerous benefits. They are able to experience aviation at a very low out-of-pocket cost on our flight trips, and they are welcome on our exclusive industry tours, which have included trips to the Delta Air Lines maintenance hangar at Detroit Metro Airport as well as a tour of the air traffic control tower and the associated approach control facility also at Metro. Moreover, they have access to other students who are pilots who can help them through the process of obtaining a license.

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